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Does He Have A logo do we need to make one ??

I added the logo to the header… It’s one image as it is now, “Logo2From JPGwithIcon.jpg

I changed your yellow text to blue. I couldn’t see the yellow on my monitor.

Group Oliver to do list 20180409
I’ve got a few questionable things I need to do.
Mark found a cool image to replace those people sitting down. And I was able to work with the layers pretty good on that slide.
There’s some spacing issues I’m having too.
Here’s some of the stuff I need to get done.
Blog   done
Email Form (for the Contact page) and be able to send mail from the site without the user having to open any other app. I think you know what mean. Yeah. That. Very prevalent these days.
Get rid of the Total link at the bottom left in the footer
Work up a News section – Mark has content
Work up a Work section using Portfolio slider – Mark has content
I need to organize the services.

I’m thinking about creating one page for “Services” with a list of services at the top and anchor tags to any copy for that service, descriptions, definitions, a pitch, how clients need the service and how companies can benefit, blah, blah and a “Back to Services” button in each section.

Another option would be to create one page for each of the service categories like in the hover blocks, Cloud, Networking, Support, and do a list at the top of each of those three pages. Lists could just have down arrows for copy and also a Read More link to get the full story… whatever

I created another Tour block on the front page below the one you put. I couldn’t figure out how to make the first column in each block the same width. Maybe that’s not important. I just like to have stuff lining up. And I couldn’t figure out how to get some spacing between the first, top tour block and that image above it. I think there needs to be some space there. And the space between the two tour block needs some adjustment. That’s the spacing issue I mentioned earlier in this email.

On “The Cloud” page I put a background on the text block. I don’t remember how I did that and now I can’t change it. Not sure if I want to keep that gray background. This would probably be a good page to create the list template on and then we can use it on the other two hover block categories.

Videos: Looks we got videos for each of our category pages: Networking, The Cloud, Support

The videos are all on YouTube:
Networking –
The Cloud –
Support – Why use an MSP

He’s going to want to do everything he can SEO wise so we need to make any and all considerations as well as have you do the SEO for the site.

On the “Networking” spin or text please use the following list:
Vendor and supplier selection
Internet Service Provider – bandwidth
Hosted Services – backup – phone – server
Hosted Desktop
Infrastructure – low voltage cable
Routers/Firewalls/Switchers/Access Point
Read More text:
There are various components and services to a computer network. Each portion and component needs to work with the others for the users to have a seamless reliable experience.
Group Oliver can help with the analysis, selection, configuration and deployment of:
Cloud services
Internet conductivity
Local Area Networking
Networking is used to facilitate communications with multiple users for things like email, data or file sharing, voice/phone communications, video conferencing and instant messaging to name some common uses. Depending on the device, what is being shared and the location any or all of the components may be used. The key is to identify the best resource and to properly deploy it for the best experience.
Group Oliver will help your company select the appropriate Cloud Service. This includes:
Phone systems
Software as a service (email, CRM)
Hosted hardware services (desktop, server)
Internet provider (bandwidth)
Cloud Services
Group Oliver has access to wholesale pricing for internet, phone and cloud services from over 200 providers. We work to gather the needs then determine what the best solution is for the client. This may include:
multiple internet services with built-in fail over
local servers that are backed up or redundant to the cloud
hybrid services with on premise and cloud based servers
security solutions
The local area network is where Group Oliver started over 15 years ago. Setting up routers, firewalls, switches and access points has been at the core of our business since the start. This gives us the core knowledge needed to properly access the client needs and make the best recommendation. Group Oliver has systems designed to monitor the entire network so we can ensure the best performance and uptime.
Please use the following for The Cloud Spinner text
Cloud Computing
Virtual Desktop
Backup & Recovery
Hosted Email
Hosted Servers
Hosted IP Phones
Text for the “read more” on “The Cloud” page
Group Oliver are premier cloud partners delivering resources on demand over the internet. The advantages of using cloud resources is avoiding large capital expenses and keeping the flexibility to modify resources as the needs change.
Setting up systems properly within the cloud means that service interruptions are rare to non-existent. For example, Group Oliver has clients working with internet services that automatically fail over in the event of a provider failing. In the event the local systems fail due to loss of power as an example, their data is safe as are communications with phones and emails which still operate on the cell phones just like they are in the office.
Typically, clients have what is commonly referred to as a hybrid solution which uses both on premise and cloud based systems. The key thing is to use the best solution for the given need so Group Oliver clients succeed.

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