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Surface for Business Fact Sheet

Looking for the perfect business device? Explore the Surface for Business portfolio. Elevate your Microsoft experience with innovative designs that give you the power and connectivity you need—in or out of the office. Ask Group Oliver for more information at phone number 310-532-7750 #SurfaceforBusiness #SurfaceGo2 #SurfaceLaptop3
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The Surface DaaS solution

Leave traditional procurement behind. With Surface DaaS (Device As A Service), upgrades are more frequent and cost-effective. At Group Oliver, we can tailor a solution that fits your business needs! #SurfaceDaaS #SurfaceforBusiness ph 310-532-7750
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Make Remote Work with Surface Pro 7

Make Remote Work with Surface Pro 7. Lightweight to carry from one location to the next, but powerful enough to run the apps you need. A battery that lasts all day, an irresistible 2-in-1 design, and all the built-in security considerations you've come to expect from Microsoft. #SurfaceforBusiness #remoteworkforce
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Safer together: How Surface can help keep your organization safe from cyberthreats

When complex socioeconomic and geopolitical challenges arise, digitally savvy governments can act quickly to serve citizens. However, governments face obstacles when going digital. IT departments are under pressure to maintain functionality and security while staying compliant with standards at the government level. With firmware that is highly secure by design, Microsoft Surface offers tools such as Surface Enterprise Management Mode (SEMM), which empowers remote work by allowing you to remotely secure and manage firmware settings. Click below to learn more about how Microsoft Surface is helping governments digitally transform while meeting the highest security standards. ph 310-532-7750
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Surface in Federal Government

As today's challenges create increased demand for public services, federal governments are under new pressure to work more efficiently. Increasing productivity, particularly in a remote work environment, can prove difficult. Modernizing your office technology can better position your organization to address increased expectations and optimize your citizen engagement. With Microsoft Surface, managing new devices and software can be easy, highly secure, and intuitive. Share this guide and discover how Surface can help you create an intelligent workplace using enterprise-grade security and modern device management. #surfaceforgovernment
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