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Hosted phone system

A fully managed cloud-based solution delivered over our wholly owned, fiber-rich network that offers advanced unified communications customized to fit your organization’s specific needs. It offers intuitive features that helps improve productivity while providing flexible, cost-effective pay-as-you-go features to fit any budget. Group Olivers Hosted Voice is a completely scalable solution with unlimited nationwide calling, predictable monthly costs, and offers easily customized call and administration tools.

Hosted phone system Group Oliver

Key Benefits/Results

  • Optimize the user experience. Dedicated and secure data connection over our privately owned and operated all fiber network delivers a more reliable experience.
  • Reduced costs. It is an OPEX vs. CAPEX model and is less expensive than maintaining an outdated, on-premises solution.
  • Improved resource utilization. You can redeploy human resources on more strategic initiatives and stay focused on your core business.
  • Future proof your business. Leading edge technology and automatic upgrades ensures you have the most recent technology at all times.
  • Reliability. Full redundancy ensures improved reliability and disaster recovery ability compared to traditional premise-based systems.
  • Fully hosted and managed solution. Provides an alternative to expensive onsite hardware-based PBX or Key Systems and allows you to rest easy knowing experts are managing and monitoring your phones with 24/7/365 local support.
  • Scalability and flexibility Add phones for quick growth when necessary, or cost savings when you need to consolidate.
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