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Lost an internet service, no problem we are still working!!!

Group Oliver lost an internet service for several days. Group Oliver did not lose productivity or internet conductivity. Backup or failover internet service is inexpensive and saves company money in the long run. With the price of internet services at all time lows and the technology of SD-WAN and other devices being reliable there is no excuse for being without this type of service. We can share how to maintain service if you like, contact us anytime and we'll share.
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Microsoft Office 2016 product guide

You’ve probably heard that Microsoft Office 365 is amazing for collaboration. At Group Oliver, we want you to have the details and shortcuts to jump-start your application of this powerful collaboration tool. Office 2016 is the latest addition to Office 365 that allows…

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The economics of serverless cloud computing

Unlike in the past, going serverless has become a real option for businesses these days. At Group Oliver, we know making that transition can be difficult, and it can help to know more about the benefits of going serverless before you undertake the process.   A recent study found that roughly…

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