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VMware Server Virtualization and Veeam Backup and Replication provide 100% Uptime
We have implemented several server virtualization installation along with the Veeam Backup and Replication program. This combination of server virtualization and backup/recovery insures customer data integrity. A typical example of this successful implementation includes:
Two VMware Esx hosts, two virtualized servers, network attached storage (NAS), and the Veeam Backup and Replication application. One Esx host contains a virtualized server running Windows servers. The Veeam Backup and Replication program runs on this host. The other Esx host has a virtualized Windows sever, which is the production application server. The production host has daily backups, and replication running regularly. The backup and machine replication files are stored on the NAS. To verify successful backup and replication, a failover process is used. Failover to the replica machine is performed to verify successful backup and a full production server restore in case of server crash or disaster. Using the proper mix of hardware, this is a very economical way to ensure 100% uptime.


Failover Disaster Recovery System Ensures Data And Computing Capabilities - Business Continuity
An investment management firm engaged Group Oliver to design and implement a comprehensive disaster recovery system to maintain and facilitate communication between employees and clients in the event of a localized geographic disaster. Group Oliver installed a remote server at an offsite location to replicate and store company data. Through the use of secure VPN’s, employees are able to access the network outside the office in the event of a disaster. Clients and employees alike are happy with the enhanced communication capabilities, and confident that their financial information and needs are being met.

Remote Computer Support
Connectivity issues and poor performing hardware, made it difficult for a manufacturing company with a large outside sales force to utilize online tools to place and track sales orders. As a result, the sales force spent an inordinate amount of time phoning in orders and making status inquires, resulting in reduced in person contact with customers, and increasing the demands on both the inside sales team and production schedulers.
Group Oliver setup a reliable remote access method for logging onto the company’s systems. In addition to creating a dependable remote access system, customized software was installed on the sales force laptops enabling remote monitoring of the system health, automatic maintenance and remote support when needed. This solution enabled the company’s sales force to spend more time in the field working with their customers rather than on the phone placing and tracking orders.

Creation of a Seamless Network Across Multiple Locations
A small organization with four locations utilized a single phone system and one security person to monitor all four locations. A WAN was created with a redundant failover system in the event of Internet conductivity failure ensuring computer network, telephone service and security cameras were available at all times.
The use of a WAN enabled a single person to monitor all four locations during non-business hours. Similarly, during business hours one individual can respond to external telephone calls and internal communication through the use of extension dialing. Additionally, a sophisticated system comprised of security cameras, intercom and a remote controlled gate allows one individual regardless of location to monitor and control access to all four properties. Without such a system, full-time personnel would be needed at each location.

Increased Reliability and Reduced Labor Costs
A company with over 40 internal users and 15 remote users employed a full time IT person to maintain its network, servers, and computers as well as perform a user support function. Group Oliver supported the internal IT support person on special projects. Over time, Group Oliver assumed responsibility of all the company’s computing needs, including supporting the users. Group Oliver provided the company with a cost-efficient price structure, less than the overall costs associated with hiring a full-time replacement.


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