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Welcome to Group Oliver

Group Oliver is a full-service Information Technology firm. We have been dedicated to providing outstanding service and support for 15 years. Our services include managed services, personnel staffing, computer and network solutions, as well as web and application development.

Group Oliver has the unique ability to provide the full spectrum of computer service. As a Managed Service Provider (MSP) in Southern California our service offerings range from supporting sophisticated computer networks to performing a wide variety of technical functions on a project or task based arrangement.

Group Oliver provides technical staffing services. Our recruiters are experienced with technical staffing to ensure all recruits meet your business objectives.

Group Oliver has a unique understanding of computer technology, human psyche and how to make seemingly different worlds work together. This includes recruiting technical staff, computer networking and managed services.

Please contact us at 310-532-7750 or e-mail us at info@groupoliver.com to learn how Group Oliver can assist your business with all its technical needs. Call Group Oliver for your Technical Staffing, computer networking and support and Managed Services Provider needs.

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